The Grants

Grants fund various industries and areas of interest. They have different funding methods and types. Grants are provided by multiple countries and funding enterprises and each propose different granting plans. NDF provides consultancy and support services covering the various industries and interest areas and different grant types and plans.

Supported Countries

We support grants that are funded by various countries including: USA, EU, Israel, Singapore, UK and Canada. If your company operates in any of those countries or if you have a subsidiary or a prime-contractor, or a technical partner in those countries, than you can enjoy the grants offered by those countries.

Industries and Areas of interest

Countries provide grants to finance innovative ideas in order to turn them into successful products that will contribute to their economies growth. They fund various industries in order to accelerate their progress and growth. They fund R&D projects of various industries including: Life Science, Healthcare, IT & Data Science, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Smart Cities, Energy & Water, Agriculture and more.

NDF has the technical expertise to assist in writing wining grant applications for the various industries.

Funding methods

There are several funding methods as follows:

  1. Free money – grants that cover the whole amount of your project’s budget and you don’t need to pay the money back.
  2. Royalty-based – in this method you get a grant to fund your project, and once you start making revenues (generated thanks for the grant that you received), you need to pay back a certain percentage of the revenues to your grant funder until you pay back the whole amount of the grant you received.
  3. Matching– some grants fund only a certain percentage of the budget that you need for your project. You need to make sure that you have other resources to fund the rest of the project’s budget. For example, your project’s budget is $2M. The grant’s funder funds 50% of the project, and you need to fund the other 50%.
  4. Mixed – both royalty-based and matching grants.


NDF consultants can assist in:

  • Matching Grants – see our Business Plans Development service
  • Royalty Based Grant – we provide on-going reports for royalty-based grants.


Grant Types

There are several grant types:

  1. General – grants that are granted to any area of interest. No specific are is defined. The applying company needs to demonstrate innovation in its specialty area; You can identify such grants with NDF Grants Finder Engine.
  2. RFP – Request for Proposal (RFP) grants. Such grants are granted to companies that can answer specific issues on specific area that the grant funder wants to support (like COVID-19). You can identify such grants with NDF Grants Finder Engine.
  3. Consortium – Those grants are granted to a group of companies that all participate in a specified product development of research. NDF can help you locating partner companies in order to set up a consortium.
  4.  Bi-national – a bi-national grant funded by 2 countries. Innovative projects performed by companies from each country can be funded. Each company contributes its share to the mutual project. (For example: Israel-India fund that funds projects performed by Israeli and Indian companies). If your company needs to fund an innovative project, NDF can help you find a partner from the counter-part country.

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