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We help technology companies and research institutes, in their funding journey.

We provide the following services:

1. Funds Identification

This service enables you to find the right grant that meets your needs.

Use our Grants Finder Engine in order to start your funds identification process. Once you found your preferred grants you can consult with us and get more specific advice and information regarding your preferred grant and the application process.

2. Application Writing

We manage the grant’s application submission project.

The process of application writing is a time-consuming project. It is a teamwork requiring the involvement of multiple company professionals such as accountants, marketing staff, R&D staff and more.  NDF assists in managing this project: writing the application, conducting market research, defining application’s budget needs and nicely editing and formatting a successful grant application according to the various application instructions, while meeting the application’s due dates.

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3. Application Review

We review your application to make sure it meets the grant’s specifications.

We will review the application that you wrote, and make sure it is written correctly, meeting the requirements of the application reviewers, with the right focus and emphasize, considering the scoring method that reviewers are using in order to make sure that your application gets the maximum scores.

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4. Follow-on Support

We help with the extra activities required once your application successfully reviewed.

Once your application was submitted and successfully passed the application review, there is an extra process until the money is deposited to your bank. That includes presentation, interview, providing more documentation and performing some changes in the submitted proposal. NDF will help you through this process making sure you receive your funding as soon as possible.

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5. Grant Claim Management

We manage, prepare and submit your claim documentation.

Once you received the grant, you need to manage your expenses according to your submitted proposal budget. You will have to conduct a periodic report (once a year, or once a semester) that shows how the grant’s money was allocated, with receipts and other proofs for this allocation.

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6. Business Plans Development

We develop successful business plans.

Business plans are required in order to fund your business. Whether you request a loan from a bank, or an investment from an angel or VC, you need a business plan. Without a business plan you can’t start a dialog with a bank or a potential investor.

The grant money that you get isn’t always sufficient to cover your project’s costs. In order to get the matching funds you can ask for a loan or an investment. NDF will develop for you a successful business plan to approach potential investors and get the funds that you need.

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