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What we do?

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Grant Identification

Identify your preferred grant Use NDF Engine service to pass this step.

Application Submission

Prepare your application documentation according to the funder’s guidelines Use NDF Application Writing service to pass this step

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Post Application award: Review & fixes

Once your application is awarded you need to provide extra documentation to the grant’s funders before you receive the money. Use NDF Follow-On Services to pass this

Grant Wining


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Grant Claim Management

You need to provide periodic financial reports displaying how you allocated the grant’s money.

Why NDF?

NDF helps you to identify the best funding sources for your new ideas, innovations and R&D projects. We focus on Non-Dilutive Funding.

We help you get Free Money, money that you don’t need to give back, money that doesn’t dilute your shares in your company, money that can get you going with your proof of concepts, scientific  research, products commercialization, market research , go-to-market plans, without the burden of financing this activities.

Our Grants Finder Engine enables to identify the grant that suites your needs.

Don’t miss any opportunity – we provide a large database with hundreds of grants opportunities

(The service involves a fee)

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